Xpenditure partners with miiCard to add additional features & safety

  • 24 Sep, 2013
  • Boris Bogaert
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Innovative online identity verification

Online identity verification is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to doing business online, especially when it comes to financial transactions.

miiCard is an online service to prove your online identity based on ID & bank account. miiCard can already verify the identity of over 350 million people in over 10 countries.

miiCard uses the trust between you and your bank to verify your identity purely online. By proving access and ownership of your online bank accounts, it can verify your identity to the same standard as an in-person identity check.

Xpenditure integrates miiCard to add safety & functionality

Xpenditure, a cloud based expense management tool, integrated miiCard to add both safety and functionality.

At Xpenditure we’re always looking for new ways to improve our product. When doing this we always focus on our users: How can Xpenditure make your life easier? How can Xpenditure save you time?

One of the features Xpenditure already provides is the ability to scan receipts, and Xpenditure reads out all data like merchant, amount, … Users can do the same thing with their credit card statements, and Xpenditure will match the transactions on the statement with the receipts that were uploaded before.

We noticed that our users started asking the same functionality, but with bank statements, but imagine that they have to scan all of their bank statements in order to match it with the receipts.

Another solution would be to fetch the statements digitally, but that means that users have to link their bank account to Xpenditure. And this is where miiCard comes in….

The miiCard integration gives our users the possibility to add their digitized bank statement to their account, and Xpenditure will match transactions with expenses. But even more important: the online verification of users is done in real time, and in the safest way possible!

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