A sneak peek of 2014

  • 27 Jan, 2014
  • Boris Bogaert
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Cardwise at Finovate 2014 London

On February 11 and 12, Cardwise will be present at FinovateEurope 2014, a two-day showcase of financial and banking technology innovations.  After our successful presentation at Finovate 2013 in New York, the positive feedback our team received motivated us to ramp up Xpenditure efforts even more.

Not only will we be present at Finovate, we will also be featured in the demo-only presentations where we’ll highlight our innovations from the past few months. We’ll show how Xpenditure takes expense management to the next level: by eliminating  expenses notes completely!

We’re excited and honoured to speak at this event next to of other major brands like IND Group, payworks and The Currency Cloud.

Brand new Xpenditure website coming soon

In addition to our presentation we are happy to announce the launch of our new Xpenditure website that same week. In just one year our product both gained in popularity and evolved and improved in it’s technology and features our current website no longer reflects the power of our tool. Our designers, developers and marketers are working hard to give you the real Xpenditure experience!

Launch of new partnerships, crossing many borders!

At Cardwise we believe in partnerships, value-added partnerships.Last year we were proud to launch our partnership with the Belgian bank Belfius, and more partnerships are expected to follow, from the fields of of finance, HR and accounting.

 Innovation. Week after week

You can build a product, sell it and leave it at that, or you can build a product and improve it week after week. That’s what we do with Xpenditure.

Based on different data-sources we are constantly improving our product. Wondering what source brings us the most intelligence? Do you think it’s Kissmetrics? Analytics? Heat maps?

Well, it’s quite simple… the best source to improve your product starts with feedback of users. When developing a product or service you never know what the end-user will think of it… Or even better, how they use it.

We invite our users to tell us how they use Xpenditure, what they like and dislike. What features they would like to see in the future, how the interface works for them, and that’s just the beginning. When we receive feedback we don’t put it on a roadmap to be developed in 6 months or later. We consider how many other users would like the feature or improvement and try to add it to our weekly sprints as soon as possible.

We often have users requesting a feature on Friday and we deploy it on Tuesday. That’s how we keep our users happy. Week after week!


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